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Wooden Bowls and Plates

All the bowls and plates that I produce have been created in expectation that they will be used. They have been individually hand made from locally sourced native hardwood species, or occasionally from rescued or reclaimed hardwood timber and finished with a coat of food grade vegetable oil.

They are entirely suitable for all types of food, be it piping hot soup, jacket potatoes with cheese, beetroot salad, spaghetti bolognaise, ice cream, fruit salad or indeed anything else you may care to devour.

In time and with use all wood will darken and take on its own patina. However these items will not be damaged in any way by foodstuffs that are either strongly coloured or flavoured, very hot or cold, or greasy and oily.

Some of the many benefits of using wood-ware include: quiet in use, light weight, hard to break, insulating, totally biodegradable, good in a boat (they float), child friendly and from sustainable sources.

Currently I do not sell my wares by mail order, but you are welcome to arrange a visit to my workshop. For purchasers living further afield please contact my Oxford stickist, Objects of Use.

turned wooden bowls